The Breen Machine

The Breen Machine
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Waco Seige

I decided to rent a car for a day or so to give John plenty of time to go over the machine as after all I am still around 250 miles from the halfway point!  The second half of the journey according to many is the more challenging.  I have been warned by some ranchers that the route to El Paso has long sections with few truckstops and rattle snakes come to the roads for warmth at night.

I decided to visit a place which will always live in my memory.  The Waco Seige started on February 28th 1993 and came to it's final conclusion on 19th April 1993 when a fire destroyed the Mount Carmel compound and 82 people were killed including 25 children.  To visit the place was kind of special to me as I still have vivid memories of the scene of destruction and to sit next to the swimming pool which is the only remaining original physical feature was eerie to say the least.

Initially I misread the sign at the entrance and thought that it applied to everyone.  However when I reread it I realised the new owners obviously only have a gripe with the Texas DOT.   

I was on my own until Fred & Jason Little from Georgia came into the compound also.  Fred remembered it vividly and it was his second visit in order to show his son.  He seemed very angry still with the way it was dealt with at the time.

Fred & Jason from Blue Ridge, Georgia at the entrance of the new Chapel

If you would like the fuller story visit:

After saying our farewells he guided me back towards Austin where I decided I would like to visit for a little time.

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  1. Hi Jerry, Congrats on having your first Wild West experience. Guns and rattlesnakes!