The Breen Machine

The Breen Machine
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Orleans

Made good time as the ground was fairly level with a tailwind.  I even had time to stop by the Gulf Coast beach and couldn't believe how white the sand is here.


I stopped for air in the tyres but it seems to have blown a tyre for no sooner I had got under way it started a slow puncture.  Two really helpful and friendly chaps Jan & Dan helped me to sort the problem and Jan even suggested his wife made me a meal and I stay there the night.  Unfortunately I needed to get on the road if I was going to make New Orleans.

Jan & Dan

There is no announcement to let you know you have arrived in Louisiana but you know because you cross a bridge over the Pearl River.  Coastal Louisiana is very swampy and you have to cross many bridges along the coastline.  You also notice how many houses are built very high off the ground and I suppose this is important when the Hurricane season comes.

I arrived in New Orleans at around 7pm and unfortunately got stopped by the police again for the usual crime of being on the road.  He said that several people had reported me.  This country is turning out to be more un-cycle friendly that anywhere else I have visited.

Then to cap the evening off I asked if I could put the machine in the lobby of Motel 6 as it will not go through a standard door.  Unfortunately a very rude security guard decided to countermand the authorisation so I decided to cancel my reservation and cycled down the road to a Days Inn where a great reception was received.
Went off to the place they all said was dangerous I was the only white and the people there could not have been more helpful - had a meal and headed for bed.

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  1. Hi Gerry
    Reading your blogs every day and enjoying immensley. Good to see a photo of yourself and you are looking well.
    Seems a very interesting place - you'll be able to write a book when you get back.
    Take care
    Garry, Sandra and boys (Baxter)