The Breen Machine

The Breen Machine
CyclOcar at the Guadalupe Desert Salt Flats, Texas nearly 2,000 miles into it's 30,000 mile journey. Pedal Power = Carbon Neutral Living

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Llano Texas

Highly Recommended

Arrived in Llano in record time which proved what a few days R&R can achieve. My feet just went as if they were powered! At one point I reached 40 mph and broke my personal record again. Then disaster my GPS went down and I din't know where to head for after Llano!

I normally head for the nearest McD as you know due to the fact they have WiFi.

No Mcd! So I thought I would just pop into a local restaurant for a coffee and rest. Luck was in and I now realise that I had asked the owner James (Weaver) if I could just come in for refreshments. He said no problem and then I asked Maria if by any outside chance they had Wifi. To my delight they did and that's why I can write this now! I must say James his son and Maria are very hospitable people.

James Jnr. & James Snr.


I asked James if he knew of somewhere to wild camp. He told me that near where he lived some three miles from town there was some State Land that should be suitable. I couldn't find any areas and the one place that nearly fitted the bill had dogs on adjacent land barking at my presence. I therefore headed off again after nearly an hour of searching along the main road until I found what I thought was an ideal place where a tree next tt the road had drooping branches affording what I thought would be ideal camouflage.

I then settled down for the night and wore earplugs as the noise of trucks and big 4x4's was still horrendous until the early hours.

What a beautiful sky with virtually no light pollution. I could see the milky way and similar to our weekend home in Vila do Bispo I could see stars that I had never seen before.

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