The Breen Machine

The Breen Machine
CyclOcar at the Guadalupe Desert Salt Flats, Texas nearly 2,000 miles into it's 30,000 mile journey. Pedal Power = Carbon Neutral Living

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nearly there

Just 30 miles from Waco and so I have decided to stay the night in a motel at Marlin town.  Great roads for the last 50 miles with smooth, wide hardshoulders.  Fairly uneventful day as I have just been cycling fairly hard so that I can have a rest after sorting out the machine in Waco tomorrow.

Everything is up for sale here at the moment and some great bargains are to me had.  Below is a sample of property that doesn't seem to be shifting so maybe they are open to any offers! 

A few minutes after heading off to McD another police car came up on my tail with lights flashing.  As I stopped he then pulled up alongside and asked how long I was going to be out!  I asked why and he said that he didn't want me to get hurt.  I said I was only going to McD and then returning to the Motel.  He then said he would let the other police know so that they were on the lookout for me.  Very strange - I felt like a youngster on curfew!  Don't think I could handle being a cyclist in the USA.  

I forgot to mention the excessive amount of wildlife roadkill there is here.  I also saw a lady looking very fraught with the front of her car stoved in by a small deer.

Some more signs for you as an interlude before the next blog.

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