The Breen Machine

The Breen Machine
CyclOcar at the Guadalupe Desert Salt Flats, Texas nearly 2,000 miles into it's 30,000 mile journey. Pedal Power = Carbon Neutral Living

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Disaster - Wobbling to Waco!

When I woke this morning after a lovely nght wild camping in Pine woods, I had a chance to inspect the bike further after the tyre blowout.  Unfortunately, I found that the rear wheel had been bent when the trike hit that hole meaning that the brake would rub on the wheel every time it went around. 

I have had to disconnect the rear brake, which is just a parking brake anyway, to avoid the brake binding as I cycle.  This would have been why I was finding it so difficult pedaling yesterday.  It is now so much easier to cycle although a bit wobbly.  I just hope it will hold out until I get to the bicycle shop in Waco where it can hopefully be repaired.  

My little Stick Insect friend who I found on the Machine

After I finished the blog last night I met the spitting image of Michael Jackson.  If you remember the cover of the Thriller album before his face job he looked identical.  He would not let me take his photo and his minder encouraged him to eat up and leave asap.  So now you know he is alive, well and living in DeRidder!

I couldn't believe it as I neared the Texas Border when I saw someone jogging.  I think he would rather remain anonymous as the things he told me would embarrass him within the organisation he works in and they all seem to be concerned about losing their jobs.  All I can say is that he is a corporate banker and most of the things that go on did not surprise me.  We chatted whilst he jogged for around half an hour before saying our goodbyes as he turned around for home.

I have just passed the Texas border so apparently the roads should be better from now onwards which seems to be the case.  This will help me enormously.

A bit further on I found that I have another problem - my front crank housing bearing is coming loose. I have tried to tighten it with the basic tools I have but hope to be able to find a bicycle shop before Waco as I'm not sure whether it will hold out that long.  Karen has found one on the internet in Huntsville just 100 miles away.  It's on my route and I should be passing through there in a couple of days.

It is White Tail Deer hunting season here and the area is full of large trucks and hunters dressed in camouflage gear.  There are even places in many large towns where you can take your prize and they wrap and pack the meat for you to take home.

Near one of the large State Prisons I noticed this sign.

I ended up in McD in Jasper and decided to stay the night as the clocks have gone back and I would like to leave really early in the morning and endeavour to cycle during daylight hours only. The Budget Motel is definitely the best I've stayed in so far and can highly recommend it.

I visited Walmart to get myself a new Leatherman tool as they are so much cheaper here. Basically everything we would pay for in pounds you pay Dollars here - wish I could carry more things!

Got chatting to these two Trike riders who had a map on their dash with a Zicon Jewel in every State they had visited. The Americans are so friendly that rarely do they pass by when I am stopped without wanting to know all about it.

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