The Breen Machine

The Breen Machine
CyclOcar at the Guadalupe Desert Salt Flats, Texas nearly 2,000 miles into it's 30,000 mile journey. Pedal Power = Carbon Neutral Living

Monday, October 25, 2010

Well I was well and truly lost!

I stopped at a Pecan reststop.  Tried boiled peanuts but they are too salty and messy for my liking.
By strange coincidence I met a minister for the local prison.  I asked him if he knew the way to a camp site.  Unfortunately something went wrong and I ended up in the middle of somewhere.  Now I know that it is not a good idea in this part of the world to knock on anyones door but frustration got the better of me and I made the tentative effort to follow a farmdrive towards the house but became very unsure after seeing someone with a rather fearsome looking rife.

My fears were soon proved to be groundless when I was met but a happy group of exited children.  It was someones birthday and I suddenly become somewhat the star of the party.

Assistance given I headed for Tallahasie and arrived at the motel around 8pm after completing a total of 79.36 miles for the day.

Checking in with Shirley proved to be fortunate as I could not get the machine into the room and she cleared it with the manager for me to leave it 'on show'. in the lobby.

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