The Breen Machine

The Breen Machine
CyclOcar at the Guadalupe Desert Salt Flats, Texas nearly 2,000 miles into it's 30,000 mile journey. Pedal Power = Carbon Neutral Living

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday 22 October

I spoke to Gerry just after he had had lunch.  So far he has done 28.32 miles today and it was 37 degrees  He is in the bible belt & has gone through 3 countries today where you can’t drink alcohol.
He went through Salem, a small village where he was hoping to get some water, which was just like a ghost town, where the only building that appeared to be occupied was the post office.
He will soon be cycling to Alabama where he wants to try typical Cajun food, grits & gumbo.  Just before he gets there he will cross  into an other time zone and will then be 6 hours behind us.
He will then head to Pensacola and cross the Mississippi river to New Orleans, where he has been told some parts can be dangerous. 
All restaurants give Gerry iced water to take with him.  He was just north of Perry hoping to get to Tallahassie, 52.3 miles away tonight.  The trike is performing well with no problems at all so far.


  1. I met Gerry at Essence of India restaurant in Tallahassee, Florida, Saturday evening October 23rd. He shared with my daughter, Keturah and I his experiences and breast cancer awareness. I was wearing a pink Belk breast cancer awareness shirt. GOD has truly bless us to have met such a person.

  2. I met Gerry in Tallahassee and we hit it off immediately. One of the only people whom I know that can talk as much as I can. We spent the entire evening on Friday 10/22/10 chatting, getting to know each other and sharing ideas, experiences and of course antic dotes! Early Saturday we continued or discussions over breakfast.
    I am extremely excited about meeting Gerry and we plan to keep in regular contact throughout his Breenmachine tour. Good Luck Gerry and GOd bless. I will talk with you again soon