The Breen Machine

The Breen Machine
CyclOcar at the Guadalupe Desert Salt Flats, Texas nearly 2,000 miles into it's 30,000 mile journey. Pedal Power = Carbon Neutral Living

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday 26th October

A few doors down from Danny & Shirley I spotted this sign.
If you cannot see it then it says - No trespassing and if the dogs don't get you my gun will! - with I might add a picture looking down the barrel of a 45 Magnum!

Set off from Shirley and Danny at 8am but soon found myself struggling with the humidity!  After 10 miles or so found myself dehydrated and being ill in the carpark of McDonalds.  A chap working inside recognized the symptoms and came out with a cold Seven-Up.  Really nice of him.  After several more cups of refreshing drinks I ate and headed off towards Panama City on the Gulf of Mexico which they say is very beautiful. This reminded me of Morgan a few days ago who said that the oil spill had been exaggerated as she was involved in some of the cleanup of birds.
A few hours later I found myself falling a sleep at the 'wheel' so I pulled off into a side area, laid out my sleep mat and found myself waking up in 40 degrees and 80+ humidity some 4 hours later.  Initially I was angry with myself but on reflection I obviously needed the rest.

Boiled peanuts at Walkers Pecan Place

Don't know if you can see the price of petrol but the significant thing is everything is x Dollars and 9/10ths cents!  I suppose a bit like 99p

I arrived at the Luther Hall Landing, State Park campsite next to Lake Talquin with showers and all the facilities completely free of charge!  Really beautiful watching the setting sun and talking with Jeff who is one of the three people staying here in his tent also.

Tranquility for free

He has lost his job and is awaiting repayments for work already done.  He seems to be three days away from losing everything except his pickup truck and tent!  

He was fascinating to listen to except he was a little worse for wear however he said that his great, great uncle was General Sherman from the Civil War and who’s name is also given to the US tank.  I therefore interview him on my voice recorder for interest.  Thinking about seriously doing a series of interviews with people on my was as there are so many fascinating stories out there.

Time for bed as it is 09.45 EST 

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