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The Breen Machine
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Long Weekend

Tuesday 26th October.

 I was worried until I realised Danny was only going to chop wood!

I enjoyed staying in Tallahassie so much I decided to stay until Tuesday morning.  Some great people especially Danny, Shirley and Kelly.
Danny & Shirley live with their two boys Nyah & Mysyah in a trailer park on the outskirts of the State Capitol.  I met them when at the hotel as Shirley is the receptionist there.  Their life story is an extremely heartbreaking and yet at the same time a heartwarming one and I have only heard a little of what they have to say.  I decided that they had so much to tell me about their life in the poorer areas of society that I decided to record their conversations with me.  I am sure that many of you like me would be fascinated to hear what it was like for Danny to be working on the streets selling drugs at 11 years old and then bring up a son single handedly when only 15 years old.  This at the same time as being very ill whilst also supporting a sick mother, and not getting gunned down going about your 'business' on the dangerous streets day after day.

Danny if you read this don't worry you are on the right path now and I promise you I will try to help you in any way I can. Shirley his partner was a registered nurse and high up in the staff at a hospital.  One day she left her two children in charge of her husband and he upped and left leaving the kids alone for several hours.  When she came home from work and the police were there.  She was charged with abandoning them and lost her right to work in the profession she loves.  She could not afford to attain the services of a lawyer and yearns to be back doing something she loves.

Kelly who also works in the same hotel used to work in the local prisons as an addiction councilor and his story is also extremely interesting.  He has agreed to send me some sensitive material for an article which would be difficult for him to say publically here.
So maybe now you will understand why I spent longer listening and talking to them all and trying to understand what it is like to live in the US today.

I also met Kristie who's father was a famous pilot in WW2.  His aircraft are in the Pensacola Navy museum still with his name on them.  His great buddy now directs the museum and she arranged a flight with the Blue Angels team - the British equivalent of the Red Arrows.  Initially I was quite excited about the prospect but I am sorry Kristie but I don't find the idea as appealing as it once would have been as aviation to me now is a thing of the past and I would ask you to arrange it for someone else that may be passing your way one day.

10 minutes from now I will be heading for the coastal town of Destin some 140 miles away - strange as it looks so close on the map!



Old habits die hard!!

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