The Breen Machine

The Breen Machine
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Goodbye Lillian's Cafe

I visited the local hotdog festival in Elberta which has many of German origin.

I had a great time at the Halloween party.  I bought a Batman costume - only trouble was they had run out of adult ones but had an 8 - 10 year old Husky version = husky is a nice way of saying fat.

I had a hell of a job getting into it and then cycling to the party,  Then everyone started laughing.  I had put it on backwards, but I wasn't going to change as it had taken me nearly 10 mins to get into it.  Then I realised I couldn;t get out of it to visit the toilet and George had to come to me rescue.  Cracked him up!


Afterwards I felt like I was the prize in a competition as several people offered me somewhere to stay.  I ended up in a beautiful house literally on the beach.  What I failed to mention was that as I was following George in his 4x4 I turned the corner too soon and ended up on my side in a storm drain.  I really thought that I had broken the pod and screen but to my amazement there was no damage.  Thanks very much Wyre and Maggie for letting me stay on your couch. 

Wyre & Maggies Place

I cannot recall how many people I talked to but suffice to say they were very interesting.

I must leave and say my goodbyes to all especially George & Kim of Lillian's Cafe on Hwy 98.

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