The Breen Machine

The Breen Machine
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

HOT - HUMID & Hot & Humid

Started off at 11am after sleeping over 12 hours.  Met Lesley and Jason who arrived just as I was leaving..  Lesley is from Surrey and obviously loves her dogs as she brought one from England and has one adopted and another one from Jason to contend with.  They have traveled from Washington State in a zig-zag looking for somewhere to settle their roots.  Jason is a butcher and manages to pickup work here and there.  I was a little concerned when he brought out his meat cleaver though!  I hope they are successful and manage to settle somewhere. Lesley said she wanted to learn to drive an eighteen wheeler truck as the money was good!

It soon became apparent that I might have to change to night shifts as the humidity and temperature combination meant I was going through at least one litre of fluid per hour.  I am now sitting in Hardee's using the notebook computer I bought in Tallahassee.  Although I initially thought it would be too much extra to carry it makes keeping the blog up to date easier especially as most fast food places have Wi-Fi.

So I am finishing off a hamburger before setting off through the night to Destin on the Gulf coast in a cool 27 degrees.  Changed my mind about going to Panama City as it turns out it is just one of those big high rise tourist places.

Hope to be there early morning and then see whether I camp somewhere during the heat of the day or find a motel.

Danny & Shirley called me to wish me well and I felt the urge to return and pick up where we left off.  Danny has decided to give up drink and other 'things' and has enrolled in his final education course so that he can go to college.  It is touching to realise I had an influence in this decision and it is a funny old world 'cause if I hadn't met him and given him some advice he might never have done it.

Managed to find a motel at Elbro and what a welcome sight that was with 87 miles clocked up.  Checked in well past midnight and after a hot bath for my aching back I fell asleep deeply until awoken well after 11am checkout time by the owner!

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