The Breen Machine

The Breen Machine
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Leaving Florida

Took wrong way and ended up nearly on the US Interstate Highway.  Had to go 15 miles back on myself.

I am once again in a McD and summarising my time in Florida.

List of most things that I will always remember:
  1. US Flags adorning everything.
  2. Injury Lawyer Signposts including dial BP 888-Oil-Spill Specialists in abundance.
  3. Everything for sale by the side of the road, cars, boats, machinery etc - Car forecourts resorting to hundreds of balloons on the cars - that should help - puts people in such a happy mood!
  4. Everything is $ something.99 cents, etc.  If you have a meal for $9.99 then after tax and the expected 20% tip it ends up over $12.00.
  5. Sad to see older people, often down and outs standing dressed up in cowboy, pirate outfits etc. trying to entice people into stores.
  6. Everybody is suspicious of any deal - they want to know what's the catch 'cause they expect one!
  7. There is no such thing as a free lunch here.
Wish McD, Walmart etc would consider putting cycle racks outside their stores - and also the city laying and marking proper cycle paths clear of rubbish from the main road and that don't suddenly disappear into ditches and lamposts.

Jeremy Clarkeson is alive and kicking here and the amount of verbal abuse I received last night because I suppose I was within sight was unbelievable.  I might add that this seemed to be only dished out by testosterone fueled men!  After all you have to be strong to press your foot down on the gas.

Goodbye Florida and my favourite City was Pensacola - a mix of the old and new with very little traffic.

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